Mirabilis Jalapa (4 O'clocks)

Mirabilis Jalapa (4 O'clocks)

Botanical Name

Mirabilis jalapa

Sun Preference

Sun Preference: Full Sun to Partial Shade Full Sun to Partial Shade

Growth Rate

Growth Rate: Fast Fast

Shipping Form

Shipping Form: Pot Pot


4 O’clocks originated in South America, and are reported to have been exported from the Andes of Peru in 1540. They are sometimes called the marvel of Peru. At any rate, they have naturalized in many places and come back from the roots as far north as Zone 8. It hardly matters through as they reseed readily. The flowers open in the late afternoon and produce a sweet fragrance. They are noted for the variability of the flower colors. Some have smears of different colors across the flower. Yellow flowers may turn to dark pink as the plant matures. They are easily grown and trouble free, producing flowers late in the day when you need a break.
These are growing in 4 inch pots and are ready to be transplanted into the garden.
Here is an entry on my blog about 4 O’clocks:


Adult Height

2.0' - 3.0'
Shipping Restrictions: Not available for shipment to AK, AZ, CA, HI, OR, WA.

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