Boehmeria Biloba Sandpaper Plant, False Nettle

Boehmeria Biloba Sandpaper Plant, False Nettle

Botanical Name

Boehmeria biloba


Boehmeria is a member of the nettle family but it does not have stinging hairs. It does have beautiful leaves, making it a striking accent plant. It can be grown in pots and urns for a unforgettable effect alone or with other plants. It is a perennial at least through zone 8, coming back from the root. The flowers are white/cream tassels, but the leaves provide the real show. This plant is a rarity.
It may serve as a food plant for some butterfly larvae but mine have never been bothered.

Adult Height

3.0' - 4.0'
Shipping Restrictions: Not available for shipment to AK, AZ, CA, HI, OR, WA.

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