Blue Fern - Phlebodium pseudoaureum - Blue Rabbit Foot Fern

Blue Fern - Phlebodium pseudoaureum - Blue Rabbit Foot Fern

Sun Preference

Sun Preference: Partial Shade to Shade Partial Shade to Shade

Growth Rate

Growth Rate: Medium Medium

USA Zone

Minimum Growing Zone: 8 Zone 8

Shipping Form

Shipping Form: Pot Pot


This unique, clumping fern has blue, mitt shaped, deeply lobed fronds. It keeps its leaves year round. It can take mild frost for short periods of time. In the winter the fronds may green up. Originally from Mexico and South America.

The 1’ tall glaucous leaves which look more like a snow mitt than a fern frond, emerge from the slowly-spreading, red-haired rhizomes that lay on top of the soil. Although the Blue Fern will grow in a wide range of soil types, slightly moist soils and a sloping site are best.

Hardiness Zone – 8-10.
Bloom – Not Applicable.
Winter – Not Applicable.
Mature Height – This plant will grow to 12”
Sun – Prefers bright light shade, medium and low light is OK.
Water – Keep soil evenly moist.
Fertilizer – Use a soluble fertilizer at a low to moderate rate.
Soil – This plant is adaptable to different soils, but will do best in a well drained mix.
Container – This is an excellent container plant.

Adult Height

1.0' - ?

Adult Spread

1.0' - ?

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