PRAYING HANDS BANANA - Musa ‘Praying hands’
PRAYING HANDS BANANA - Musa ‘Praying hands’
PRAYING HANDS BANANA - Musa ‘Praying hands’
PRAYING HANDS BANANA - Musa ‘Praying hands’

PRAYING HANDS BANANA - Musa ‘Praying hands’

Sun Preference

Sun Preference: Full Sun Full Sun

Growth Rate

Growth Rate: Fast Fast

USA Zone

Minimum Growing Zone: 8 Zone 8

Shipping Form

Shipping Form: Pot Pot


Very collectible dessert banana. Perhaps the most unusual and distinctive of all banana fruits. Two adjacent hands of bananas are fused, giving the appearance of praying hands. The fruits are delicious. When totally ripe, individual bananas can be carefully separated from each other. Another way of serving: cut across the “hands” and eat with spoon.

Hardiness Zone – 8-9.
Bloom – Dark purple on the outside, maroon on the inside.
Winter – This banana will tolerate some frost.
Mature Height – This plant will grow to 12-14’.
Sun – Full sun, but it will take partial shade.
Water – All bananas are heavy feeders. Provide plenty of water and fertilizer in the growing season. While it is practically impossible to over water, it will not tolerate standing water.
Fertilizer – Once a week with balanced fertilizer.
Soil – All bananas need rich, well draining soil. If the soil in your garden is poor, you can fertilize weekly. If the soil is rich, monthly fertilizing will be sufficient.
Container – Will be smaller than in the ground.

Adult Height

12.0' - 14.0'

Adult Spread

8.0' - 12.0'


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