Slipper Orchid Rosy Dawn

Slipper Orchid Rosy Dawn

Botanical Name

Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn

Sun Preference

Sun Preference: Partial Shade to Shade Partial Shade to Shade

Growth Rate

Growth Rate: Medium Medium

Shipping Form

Shipping Form: Pot Pot


This tropical slipper is easy to grow and bloom. The flowers have some greenish yellow on the petals with reddish sprinkles near the labellum (the slipper part). The labellum itself has a light pink blush. The leaves are a medium green and it is a tidy plant.
Each growth blooms only once with the flower arising from the center of the leaves. New plants are produced from the base of the old plant. A pot can become quite full of foliage and produce many flowers.

Shipping Restrictions: Not available for shipment to AK, AZ, CA, HI, OR, WA.


["paphiopedilum", "rosy dawn"]

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