Dracaena draco - Dragon Tree
Dracaena draco - Dragon Tree
Dracaena draco - Dragon Tree

Dracaena draco - Dragon Tree

Sun Preference

Sun Preference: Full Sun to Partial Shade Full Sun to Partial Shade

Growth Rate

Growth Rate: Slow Slow

USA Zone

Minimum Growing Zone: 9 Zone 9

Shipping Form

Shipping Form: Bareroot Bareroot


Super easy to grow this tree. The Dracaena Draco is endangered in the wild – very rare, hard to find plant.

The undisputed king of the Dracaena family. This plant in the wild is a slow growing plant, however in human care, with good, well draining, fertile soil, regular watering, it will grow much faster.

The young plant has a single stem. Branching occurs when the tree flowers – two side shots develop at the base of the flower and continue the growth. Super easy to grow. Endangered in the wild.

When the bark or leaves are cut, the plants secretes a reddish resin, the “dragon blood”.

Hardiness Zone – 9-11
Bloom – White
Winter – Hardy to 17° F for short periods of time.
Mature Height – Up to 20’ – slow growing
Sun – Full sun to light shade
Water – This plant needs moderate watering.
Fertilizer – Best with balanced fertilizer.
Soil – This plant is adaptable to different soils, but will do best in a well drained mix.
Container – This is an excellent container plant.

*Note: This tree is suitable for xeriscape.

Adult Height

18.0' - 20.0'

Adult Spread

15.0' - 20.0'


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